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Cristiano Ronaldo Education

Cristiano Ronaldo Education

Cristiano Ronaldo education:

Cristiano Ronaldo education
Cristiano Ronaldo education

It is a common perception that exists in people that success belongs to strong education and sound educational background, but, it is not the case with stat soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. He defeated this stereotypical mindset that progress and success belonged to education. There are myriad perceptions about Cristiano Ronald’s education in school and college, but, fact belongs to least of them.

The real story is that Cristiano Ronaldo had no interest in education and studies. That’s why his educational background is much less appealing than his career as a soccer star. For his basic education Cristiano Ronaldo got admission to the local home town school. But, in school, he could never excel as he excelled as a soccer player. During his education in school, he never found himself comfortable with that environment and his studies.

He also got suspended from his school as he threw a chair at his class teacher. The incident was a result of little dispute in the class between class-fellows. The real story is that at the age of 11 Cristiano Ronaldo has said farewell to his education and studies for always. He never graduated from high school. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo education in school and college has very little part in his success.

Cristiano Ronaldo Interest in Football:  

Strong education and good curriculums are never prerequisites for success. Star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo always prioritized soccer over his studies. Cristiano Ronaldo’s interest in football is a story of great success. At very little age it was obvious that Cristiano Ronaldo had no interest in studies. but, Ronaldo had a great interest in playing soccer. At the age of 8 years, he started playing football and since then he committed his life for soccer.

Later, he played for many famous clubs in Portugal. 1n 2002 he got attached to ‘sporting PC’. then further he played for huge clubs like ‘Real Madrid’ and ‘Manchester United”. Having developed his interest in soccer Cristiano Ronaldo could not raise his keenness in studies. The laudable thing is that the star player Cristiano Ronaldo put his utmost endeavors to achieve his goal of life. In 2004, when a tsunami caused great mayhem: Cristiano Ronaldo was left on a destroyed Indonesian beach with the jersey of SCP football.

Cristiano Ronaldo Education

All these circumstances paved his way for becoming a professional soccer player and never let him raise his interest in his studies. But, his story as a star legendary soccer player is yet to relate.



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